Human cord blood endothelial progenitor cell (hCB-EPC), CELLvo™

Supplier: StemBioSys
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Human cord blood endothelial progenitor cell (hCB-EPC), CELLvo™
CELLvo ™ Human Cord Blood Endothelial Progenitor Cells have superior colony forming ability, greater vessel formation, and greater angiogenic potential compared to more common endothelial-type cells (HUVECs), CELLvo™ hCB-EPCs are the endothelial cell of choice for researchers.

  • Highly proliferative
  • Greater intrinsic vessel formation capacity
  • Pro-angiogenic
  • Positive CD31
  • >20 population doublings

When grown on CELLvo™ Matrix, hCB-EPCs behave more naturally, allowing researchers greater control of their study. Few in number and difficult to isolate from primary tissues, CELLvo™ Matrix hCB-EPCs are progenitors of other endothelial cell types. They have important clinical applications in the treatment of ischemic and the vascularisation of graft tissues, making these cells especially interesting for research on angiogenesis.

Endothelial Progenitor Cells are involved in applications such as in vitro vessel formation and cell phenotype.

Isolation and expansion of the CELLvo™ human Endothelial Progenitor Cells from umbilical cord blood has been enabled by use of CELLvo™ matrix.

Ordering information: CELLvo™ Human Cord Blood - Endothelial Progenitor Cells (hCB-EPC) are derived from a single donor and cryopreserved at P4. These can be ordered as a single vial of cells or as a kit.

Delivery information: A kit will contain a single vial of CELLvo™hCB-EPCs cryopreserved at passage 4 and a sleeve of StemBioSys CELLvo™ Matrix (6 well plates, T 75 flasks or T 150 flasks). Additional CELLvo™ Matrix can be purchased separately.

Packaging: CELLvo ™ hCB-EPCs arrive on dry ice and may be purchased to include a sleeve of CELLvo™ Matrix. hCB-EPCs should be stored in liquid nitrogen upon arrival. CELLvo™ Matrix should be stored at 2 to 8 °C upon arrival. Avoid extended exposure to light.

Caution: CELLvo™ Matrix products are not for human use. These products should not be used for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. Handle in accordance with established bio-safety practices.
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