Human mesenchymal stem cells- Wharton's Jelly (hMSC-WJ), CELLvo™

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Human mesenchymal stem cells- Wharton's Jelly (hMSC-WJ), CELLvo™
CELLvo™ human mesenchymal stem cells-Wharton's Jelly are adult multipotent stem cells cryopreserved at passage two.

  • Highly proliferative
  • Smaller cell size
  • Xeno-free
  • Higher percentage of SSEA4+ cells
  • Umbilical cord tissue
  • >20 population doublings

Wharton's Jelly is a rich source of highly proliferative, multipotent, mesenchymal stem cells. These cells are known to be highly immunomodulatory and be capable of trilineage differentiation.

CELLvo™ human mesenchymal stem cells- Wharton's Jelly have been isolated and cultured under xeno free conditions on CELLvo™ XF-Matrix. CELLvo™ MSC-WJ proliferate more quickly, have a smaller cell size and show a higher percentage of SSEA4 (+) cells as compared to Wharton's Jellly MSCs isolated and cultured on other substrates.

Thaw cells quickly in a 37 °C waterbath. Approximate thaw time for a 1 ml sample is 2 to 3 minutes. Do not allow the cell vial to warm above chilled temperatures. Dilute cell/CryoStor® mixture in an appropriate volume of cell culture media and plate cells in the appropriate configuration. Live/dead fluorescsent assays or metabolic assays 24 hours post-thaw are recommended for accurate assessment of cell survival.

Ordering information: CELLvo™ human mesenchymal stem cell - Wharton's Jelly (hMSC-WJ) are derived from a single donor and cryopreserved at P2. CELLvo™ hMSC-WJ can be ordered as a single vial of cells or as a kit to include CELLvo™ XF matrix.

Delivery information: A vial of cells will include >1 million CELLvo™ hMSC-WJ. A kit will contain a single vial of hMSC-WJ croypreserved at passage 2 and a sleeve of CELLvo™ XF Matrix (6 well plates, T 75 flasks or T 150 flasks). Additional CELLvo™ XF matrix can be purchased separately.

Packaging: CELLvo™ hMSC-WJ arrive on dry ice and may be purchased to include a sleeve of CELLvo™ XF matrix. hMSC-WJ should be stored in liquid nitrogen vapour upon arrival. CELLvo™ XF matrix should be stored at 2 to 8 °C upon arrival. Avoid extended exposure to light.

Caution: CELLvo™ cells are cryopreserved in CryoStor®solution. To obtain an accurate measure of cell viability following cryopreservation, assesment should be performed 24 hours post thaw and compared to non-frozen controls. Sample assesment immediately post-thaw with membrane integrity indicators such as Trypan Blue will often result in inaccurate measurement of cell survival. Live/dead fluorescsent assays or metabolic assays are recommended for a more accurate assessment of cell survival.

CELLvo™ products are not for human use. These products should not be used for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. Handle in accordance with established bio-safety practices.
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