Cell QC analyser, Moxi GO II™ 488

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Cell QC analyser, Moxi GO II™ 488
Cell Counters and Flow Cytometers Automated Cell Counters
Moxi GO II™ combines two instruments to deliver amazingly affordable, easy to use, maintenance-free, gold standard cell count accuracy and precision through the Coulter Principle and integrating 2 channels of flow cytometry. This unique combination covers a large number of routine cell assays (cell count, cell volume, viability, cell proliferation, transfection checks, apoptosis, phenotyping, cellular response) with quantitative single cell data output.

  • Delivers gold standard cell count accuracy and precision even at low cell concentrations (10K cells/ml)
  • Measures 4 simultaneous parameters on every cell in sample, up to 30K cells in 10 seconds
  • Delivers flow based, single cell populations statistics covering a number of cell response, health, & phenotyping applications
  • Consolidates multiple cell QC tests into one test by combining flow with Coulter principle cell count and cell volume detection
  • All cells and particles are measured & discriminated by two channels of fluorescence and simultaneous cell volume assessment
  • Proprietary, on board 'touch-and-go' apps for cell count, QC, and analysis (OS updates provided for free in perpetuity)

Not prone to depth of field bias errors that vision-based count methods suffer from and dual use flow cell eliminates the need for cleaning, maintenance, clearing of clogs, cross contamination, and frequent service requirements. It enables high throughput, quantitative QC of cellular response to experimental treatments, compound libraries, and genetic modifications with a highly intuitive OS. Data files are easily transferred to networked computers for investigational studies.

It utilizes proprietary algorithms to auto-find both the live and dead cell population, while excluding debris, cell fragments, and RBC contamination by size to deliver a highly accurate, repeatable results. The system is ideal for QC in tissue culture, gene editing, cellular response, antibody development, process development and bio-manufacturing workflows.

It is the ideal tool for industrial cell QC. With a compact, portable footprint, Moxi GO II™ is perfect for bio-reactor monitoring of cell vitality and other key health indicators. Utilize the platform for process development, ensuring successful fermentation in brewing applications and monitoring cell health for monoclonal antibody production.

The fluorescence detection limit of Channel 1: 4 log dynamic range photo multiplier tube with 525/45 filter (e.g. FITC, Alexa 488, GFP CSFE, Sytox Green, pHRodo Green) and of Channel 2: 4 log dynamic range photo multiplier tube with swappable 561LP filter (e.g. PE) or 640LP for oropidium iodide.

Dual Use Flow Cell (Cassettes):
Cell/Particle diameter range: 2,8 to 33 µm
Cell/Particle volume range: 14 to 9203 fl
Test time: 20 seconds
Cell/Particle concentration lower limit: 10000 cells/ml
Cell/Particle concentration upper limit: 1M cells/ml
Sample volume: 75 µl
Media-cell suspension should have conductivity similar to PBS

Certifications: TUV SUD certified.

Ordering information: Accessories not included.
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