Organoid counting software for the Corning® cell counter

Supplier: Corning Life Sciences
CORN480201EA 124.2 EUR
CORN480201 CORN6749-OC
Organoid counting software for the Corning® cell counter
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The robust organoid counting software package is designed to meet the unique needs of customers as 3D populations are known to vary in
morphologies dependent on numerous environmental factors or protocols.

  • Accurate – powered by machine learning artificial intelligence
  • Multi-informative – organoids per milliliter of solution and surface area data
  • Fast – three-second analysis utilizing cloud-based processing
  • Cost-efficient and versatile – compatible with a standard 0.1 mm counting chambers and 0.2 mm counting chambers
  • No consumables required

Engineered to account for complex shapes and sizes, the organoid counting software introduces two versions of the 3D counting algorithm.

Version 1 (V1) is for use with cultures of irregular morphology. The machine learning algorithm for V1 is trained to engulf the individual outer membranes within the field of view in order to calculate accurate surface area and orgs./ml data.

Version 2 (V2) of the 3D algorithm is for use with spherical objects. Other than obtaining prompt surface area and orgs./ml data; V2 will be optimal for differentiating individual spherical objects within clusters.

Delivery information: The software is shipped with a 0.2 mm gridless counting chamber, equipping the user with all the necessary devices to successfully determine their 3D counts with the Corning Cell Counter.
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