Corning® closed system cell cubes

Supplier: Corning
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Corning® closed system cell cubes
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Our new offering of CellCube 10, 25, 100 modules, circulation loops, and connectors allows for easy adherent cell scale-up that integrate seamlessly with AseptiQuik® and MPC connectors.

  • Standardized closed system designs allow flexible setup of any CellCube module and aseptic connection to an oxygenator (sold separately)
  • Sterile and ready-to-use offerings eliminate the time and complexity of assembling in-house
  • Industry standard AseptiQuik® S/G connectors allow for robust, single-use aseptic connections

The Corning CellCube system provides a fast, simple, and compact, perfusion-based method for the mass culture of attachment-dependent cells. CellCube modules consist of a series of 10, 25, or 100 parallel, polystyrene plates, which translates to 8500, 21250 or 85000 cm² respectively, joined to create thin, sealed laminar flow spaces between adjacent plate.

When connected with an oxygenator and controller (sold separately), the system continually perfuses the cells with fresh medium for increased cell productivity. The CellCube system provides an environment that more closely simulates in vivo conditions than a static culture with its perfusion-based design. For additional information, refer to Corning® CellCube® System(CLS-BP-039).
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