Chemically competent cells, Vmax™ Express

Supplier: SGI - DNA Synthetic Genomics
Chemically competent cells, Vmax™ Express
Vmax™ Express is a novel, fast-growing bacterial strain designed and optimized for high levels of recombinant protein expression. These easy to transform, chemically competent cells are designed to generate large amounts of soluble protein. This can serve as a replacement for problematic E. coli expression systems.

  • Fastest growth rate of any known bacterial host with a doubling time of 14 minutes
  • Produces up to twice the biomass of E. coli with up to 4X the protein
  • Utilizes tightly regulated, IPTG-inducible T7 promoter system
  • Compatible with commonly used E. coli expression vectors, antibiotics, and growth media
  • Rapid results - Go from purified plasmid to large-scale culture ready for protein purification in three days

Vmax™ cells are derived from the marine microorganism, Vibrio natriegens. This gram-negative, non-pathogenic bacterium has a doubling time twice as fast as that of E. coli and can produce greater amounts of biomass and generate large amounts of protein in a shorter time. With a workflow similar to E. coli, this next-generation prokaryotic protein expression system can serve as a replacement for slow growing protein expression systems prone to low yields and the generation of proteins as insoluble inclusion bodies.

Delivery information: Shipped on dry ice. Store at −80 °C upon arrival.
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