Digital Analytical Syringe, digiVOL®

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Digital Analytical Syringe, digiVOL®
Syringes Syringes for Chromatography
digiVOL® is a high performance, handheld digital analytical syringe designed for aliquoting aqueous, organic and volatile liquids from 0.1μL to 5mL at pressure, with exceptional accuracy and precision.

  • Liquid handling precision: Liquid: <1.0% RSD dispensed at 10% total syringe volume; Mechanical: < ±0.01 mm plunger displacement precision. (0,016 µl for a 50 µl syringe and 0,5 µl for a 1.25 ml)
  • Liquid handling accuracy: Better than 1.0% of total syringe volume with an uncalibrated syringe. Syringes can be calibrated for greater accuracy
  • High pressure: Depending on the syringe volume and type selected, the digiVOL is capable of operating at high pressures using positive liquid displacement
  • Minimum volume: 0,1 µl per dispense (for small volume syringe)
  • Maximum volume: 5 ml per dispense
  • Flow Rates: 0,12 µl/min to 45 ml/min depending on digiVOL motor and installed syringe

Boost productivity by automating sample preparation procedures. Eliminate human error and liquid handling skill variability. Validate methodologies more easily by improving the reproducibility of results. Reduces waste by allowing accurate use of smaller sample sizes and reagents.

Smart Results: digiVOL provides expert accuracy and reproducibility every time. Build, validate, save methods so you can focus on the results.
Simple Operation: Use digiVOL’s semi-automated capabilities to build and execute sequenced multi-step methods for sample preparation operations. Simply program, save, and run methods through an intuitive touch screen controller.
Extensive Capabilities: digiVOL is packed with features to extend laboratory operation. These include interchangeable syringes, user preference settings, Wi-Fi connection, automated software updates, and in-built routines for preparing calibration standards.
Calibration Standards: Automatically calculate calibration standard concentrations and dilutions to make a multi-point calibration curve using digiVOL’s calibration standard module.
Applications at Pressure: digiVOL can operate at pressure, enabling it to be used for techniques such as microSPE, filtering, and membrane separations. This sets digiVOL apart and provides opportunity for integration of unique sample preparation protocols.
Calibration Standards Module: Automatically calculate and run multi point calibration standards with digiVOL’s calibration module. This feature is i deal for the preparation of chromatography and bioscience standards using small volumes.
AI (artificial intelligence) prompts the user thr ough the method to prevent mistakes. Ideal tool for highly utilised Lab Assistants or Technicians. Methods can be saved and locked ensuring the validity. Prepare using inhouse stock solutions or preconfigured Supplier Reference Standards and methods.

digiVOL APP software is comprehensive
- Use the QUICK RUN function to quickly create and execute a basic process while preserving extreme precision and pressure made possible with digiVOL
- Build, save, copy and run multistep methods for the selected syringe volume using the touchscreen
- Control and adjust parameters with programmed variables for each step of the method including utilising µSPE processes
- Create calibration standards using AI which automatically calculates calibration standard concentrations and dilutions to make a multi point calibration curve and then executes the method
- Calibrate the syringe using comprehensive single and multiple point regression calibration options
- User access privileges to control Anal yst vs Lab Assistant operation
- Operational options to change syringe, re zero plunger, and basic preferences on the Settings or Preferences menu. Settings also include time and date, brightness, sleep settings, sound levels, Wi Fi connection, and updating software
- Wi Fi internet connectivity enables sharing of methods, data backup, automated software updates and feature additions
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