Analytical ultracentrifuge (AUC), Optima

Supplier: Beckman Coulter

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Analytical ultracentrifuge (AUC), Optima
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The Optima AUC includes new features to improve the user experience from method setup to data recovery. Quick-turn absorbance and interference optics, paired with remote instrument setup and viewing, offer streamlined method setup and live data analysis. Importantly, the Optima AUC maintains compatibility with existing Beckman AUC rotors and accessories. Resolving similar components, such as viral particle capsids, can be challenging. However, the faster scan rate and improved radial resolution in the Optima AUC enable enhanced discrimination of such materials. Along with greater wavelength precision, these enhancements yield more reliable and consistent results.

  • Faster Scan Speed: More measurements leads to better resolution of all species. With the faster scan speed of the Optima, users see better defined peaks in their data, enabling them to distinguish between signal and noise
  • Multiwavelength analysis allows scientists to study complexes in the same sample, such as proteins and nucleic acids together (e.g., DNA-filled filled viral capsids). This is necessary because the complexes with two or more molecules might absorb light at different wavelengths
  • Large Dynamic Range: CROs and core labs need to characterize many particles. AUC can measure masses ranging from a single amino acid (~100 Da) to a medium size virus (~100 MDa). This range of measurement encompasses six orders of magnitude, which is not achieved by other techniques, meaning if using orthogonal techniques, customers will rely on multiple different instruments (SEC, SECMALs, Cryo-EM, Mass Spec, X-Ray crystallography, and more)
  • In-Solution Analysis: AUC does not depend on any matrix or resin interaction to characterize biologics. This allows researchers to obtain critical quality attributes in the formulation buffer, allowing for characterization in the state in which a therapeutic may be given to a patient - unlike most other techniques

The Optima AUC (A) An-60 Ti Bundle is the base analytical ultracentrifuge with 300 Hz, 10 µJM Xenon Flash Absorbance optics and also includes a 4-hole An-60 Ti analytical rotor, analytical cell, torque stand, counterbalance kit, accessory kit, and cell housing kit.

Please see Ultracentrifuge and AUC Product Catalogue in the PDF catalogue under Documentation for full technical specification.

Ordering information: Available as a standalone analytical ultracentrifuge 521-4196 (Rotor must be purchased in addition). Alternatively, packages are available which include either a 4- or 8-hole An-60 Ti or An-50 Ti analytical rotor (depending on package selected), analytical cell, torque stand, counterbalance kit, accessory kit and cell housing kit.
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