Extraction thimbles

MANA645020EA 80.2 EUR
MANA645020 MANA645034 MANA645039 MANA645220 MANA645014 537-0019 516-6020 MANA645030 516-5006 MANA645009 MANA645041 MANA645008 MANA645024 537-0020 516-6003 MANA645007 MANA645951 537-0017 MANA645043 MANA645037 MANA645029 MANA645016 MANA645013 MANA645225 516-6004 MANA645223 MANA645026 MANA645017 MANA645002 MANA645035 MANA645033 MANA645040 MANA645038 537-0018 MANA645021 MANA645010 537-0016 MANA645032 MANA645018 MANA645042 MANA645004 537-0021 MANA645019 MANA645027 MANA645036 MANA645003
Extraction thimbles
Extractors Extraction Thimbles
Extraction thimbles, made of pure cellulose, standard quality. With or without lid available.

  • Fat determination in food and feed
  • Determination of binder content in asphalt
  • Analysis of soil contaminants
  • Determination of additives in rubber and elastomers
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