Capillary columns, CP-Wax™

Supplier: Agilent Technologies
VARICP7763I VARICP8853 VARICP8553 VARICP7624 558-0037 VARICP7763 VARICP7889I VARICP7664 VARICP8748 VARICP7665 VARICP7698 VARICP7654 VARICP8773 VARICP8843 VARICP8723 558-0033 VARICP8073I VARICP8746I VARICP7785 VARICP8543 VARICP7335 558-0035 561-8513 VARICP8798 VARICP7703 VARICP8718 558-0036 VARICP7879 VARICP7773 558-0034 VARICP7775 VARICP7791 VARICP8763 568-0713 VARICP7658I5 VARICP8713I VARICP8745 VARICP7673I VARICP7673I5 VARICP7792 VARICP7648 VARICP7678 VARICP7658 VARICP8738 558-0031 558-0032 VARICP7668
Capillary columns, CP-Wax™
Chromatography Columns
The CP-Wax™ lines of chemically bonded columns offer a broad range of selectivities for method optimisation. The backbone of this series stationary phases is made of a polyethylene glycol.
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