Containers, straight, wide mouth, with screw cap

Supplier: Gosselin
216-0518EA 306 EUR
216-0518 GOSSTP53C-042 216-2113 GOSSTP53C-023 216-2091 GOSSBTP35C-002 GOSSBTP53C-002 216-0525 216-2092 216-2100 GOSSTP30C-032 216-2094 GOSSTP53C-021 216-2102 GOSSBTP52C-002 215-1324 GOSSTP53C-014 216-2088 GOSSTP30C-014 216-2104 GOSSTP30C-003 216-2096 GOSSTP53C-052 216-2093 GOSSBTP30C-002 GOSSTP53C-030 216-2084 216-2111 GOSSTP30C-004 216-2086 GOSSTP30C-021 216-2098 216-2090 216-2087 216-2099 216-2089 216-2095 216-2097 GOSSTP175-06 GOSSTP53C-032 216-2107 216-2085
Containers, straight, wide mouth, with screw cap
Sample Containers General Purpose Containers
PP translucent or PS clear, with PE screw cap. Straight walled vessels for sample collection, storage and transport. Twist closure for quick opening and closing, with leakproof inner lip. PS offers good thermal and chemical resistance. PP offers excellent thermal and chemical resistance.

  • Selection of colour coded closures for easier sample identification
  • Available sterile or packed under aseptic conditions

Caution: *The product(s) on this page are outside the scope of the EU Directive 2019/904
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