Standard hydrometers

Supplier: Alla France
ALLA3500MC13020HQPEA 32.4 EUR
ALLA3500MC13020HQP 614-1528 614-1529 614-1526 614-1527 614-1524 614-1525 ALLA3500LC14020HQP ALLA3500LC18520HQP ALLA3500MC17520HQP 614-1523 ALLA3500MC12520MQP ALLA3500LC06020BQP ALLA3500LC06520BQP ALLA3500LC16020HQP ALLA3500MC18020HQP ALLA3100MC08020BQP ALLA3500MC13020MQP ALLA3100MC13020BQP ALLA3500MC16020HQP ALLA3100MC07020BQP ALLA3100MC10020BQP ALLA3500MC06020BQP ALLA3500LC19020HQP ALLA3500LC16520HQP ALLA3500LC17020HQP ALLA3500MC15520MQP ALLA3500MC07520BQP ALLA3500MC19020HQP ALLA3500LC15020HQP ALLA3500MC06520BQP ALLA3500LC19520HQP ALLA3500MC18520HQP ALLA3500LC14520HQP ALLA3100MC12020BQP 614-1530 ALLA3500MC13520MQP ALLA3500LC18020HQP ALLA3500MC13520HQP ALLA3500MC19520HQP ALLA3500LC17520HQP ALLA3500MC07020BQP ALLA3500MC17020HQP ALLA3100MC09020BQP ALLA3100MC11020BQP ALLA3500MC16520HQP
Standard hydrometers
These standard hydrometers strictly adhere to the principles of manufacture and specified calibration.

  • Reading below meniscus
  • Calibration temperature: 20 °C
  • Reference mark on the stem shows any movement of the measurement scale

Certifications: NF, ISO, BS and DIN.

Ordering information: Include three calibration points (factory certificate or accredited laboratory certificate on request). The calibration points should be specified when ordering.

Delivery information: Supplied with certificate of conformity to ISO 649 (corresponding to BS718, DIN12791, NF B 35511).
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