Deep well plates, 96- and 48- well, Axygen®

Supplier: Corning Life Sciences
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Deep well plates, 96- and 48- well, Axygen®
Microplates Deep Well Microplates
PP. Used for sample collection, cell culture and long term storage.

  • Excellent chemical resistance and temperature resistance down to −80 °C
  • Can withstand centrifugation up to 4000×g

Two types of sealing mats are suitable for use with these plates:

AxyMat™ sealing mats are designed for high throughput screening and storage applications. Made of silicone, they can be autoclaved, and following a bleach wash and ethanol rinse protocol, they can also be re-used. AxyMat™ sealing mats are pierceable and self-sealing, ideal for automated processes, and can be used in sub-zero environments.

ImpermaMat™ sealing mats are chemically resistant. They are made for use in assays involving strong solvents such as DMSO and similarly harsh solvents. Re-usable. They feature a tight seal to the plate so there is no sample evaporation or well-to-well evaporation. Usable within a wide temperature range: from −80 up to +121 °C.
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