Centrifuge tubes, SuperClear, Ultra-High Performance

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VWR® SuperClear™
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Centrifuge tubes, SuperClear, Ultra-High Performance
Tubes Centrifuge Tubes
These popular, conical-bottom centrifuge tubes are designed for high speed centrifugation, and are made of non cytotoxic, medical grade resin that allows users to easily see sample volume and colour.

  • Prevents breakage and leakage during high speed centrifugation
  • Easy to read graduations for accurate measurements
  • Patented extra large, smear resistant writing panel
  • Versatile packaging options
  • Free from RNase, DNase, endotoxin and ATP

SuperClear tubes feature highly visible printed graduations for easy filling and sample preparation. The patented, extra large writing panel is the largest on the market, and transparent for easy viewing of samples through the label. This writing panel is also smear resistant for permanent coding that won’t wear off when inserting and removing tubes from a centrifuge rotor.

Caps are available in two styles: flat and plug. Flat caps are leak resistant and feature a moulded-in elastomeric sealing ring that keeps the sealed tubes completely secure. These caps are ideal for vortexing chemicals and long rocker incubations. Plug caps feature a deep sealing area and offer a secure seal for extended storage.

Caps must be loosely attached to tubes when autoclaving.
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