VWR® Spec-Wipe® 4, Cleanroom Wipes

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VWR® Spec-Wipe®
115-0039EA 42.2 EUR
115-0039 115-0036 21912-046
VWR® Spec-Wipe® 4, Cleanroom Wipes
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Excellent for cleaning rough, abrasive, or irregular surfaces, yet soft enough for delicate surfaces. Appropriate for pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

  • For critical process cleaning, and environments where low particle and fibre generation is critical
  • Made from 100% double-knit polyester, laundered in ISO Class 4 cleanroom to reduce particulate and extractable contaminants
  • Durable, double-knit allows rigorous cleaning, is also soft for delicate surfaces
  • Re-sealable pouches maintain product integrity, preserve cleanliness and saturation levels
  • Option of pre-saturated wipes, which reduce solvent use, chemical blending and waste

Suitable for use in Class 10, ISO 4 cleanrooms.

Colour: White

Packaging: Half-folded wipes are packed in a re-sealable pouch.

Caution: Pre-wetted wipes use USP grade IPA (isopropanol) filtered to 0,5 µm.
Presaturated wipe 115-0039: Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

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