COD digestion workstations according to EPA, ISO or DIN

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COD digestion workstations according to EPA, ISO or DIN
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COD determination is a very important parameter for wastewater and sewage measurements. Behr workstations guarantee COD analysis in strict accordance with the following standards:

  • ISO 6060
  • DIN 38409 part 41 (COD >15 ppm)
  • DIN 38409 part 43 (COD abbreviated procedure)
  • DIN 38409 part 44 (COD 5 - 50 ppm)

Equipment configuration for simultaneous digestion of up to 6 or 12 COD samples.

Type 2 systems consist of the following components:
- Microprocessor-controlled TRS 300 time/temperature regulator with COD program
- Precision heating block CSB/E for RG2 vessels
- Holding frame E/B for RG2 sample vessels and cooling bath KW/N with mounting for E/B frame
- Sample vessels RG 2
- Air cooled condensers LK 1 and condenser stand LS for LK condensers

Type 3 systems are the same as Type 2 but also have the following additional components:
- Multi-position magnetic stirrer SM 12/N to fit vessel frame E 12/B (only with PB-CSB 12/M)
- Set of 12 magnetic stirrer bars MRST 2 and boiling chips SIST 100, 100 g
- Set of 12 PTFE std. taper joint sleeves PTFE 29
- Transport carrier TS CSB for vessel frame E/B
- Manual titration station HT 1, including digital burette and magnetic stirrer
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