Wide horizontal gel electrophoresis systems, Owl™ D2

Supplier: Thermo Scientific
730-0221EA 1130 EUR
730-0221 730-0220
Wide horizontal gel electrophoresis systems, Owl™ D2
Electrophoresis Systems Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis Systems
The Owl™ D2 wide gel system is ideal for screening PCR samples or for routine DNA fragment analysis.

  • Possible to run 10 to 80 samples in one gel
  • Wide gel size allows loading of 15 or 30 samples per row with a multi-channel pipette
  • EasyCast UV-transmissible gel tray fits snugly into the external gel caster to provide a leak-proof seal without tape
  • Multi-channel pipette compatible combs speed up sample transfer and reduce the chance of sample order error
  • Unique electrode placement allows the gel to run quickly without compromising the resolution

* Optimal for multi-channel pipetting.

Delivery information: Each system includes buffer chamber, SuperSafe lid with attached power leads, EasyCast UV-transmissible gel tray with gasketed end gates, external multiple gel caster, and four combs: 1,5 mm thick, two 30-well, two 40-well.
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