Mini horizontal gel electrophoresis systems, Owl™ B2 EasyCast™ and B3

Supplier: Thermo Scientific
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Mini horizontal gel electrophoresis systems, Owl™ B2 EasyCast™ and B3
Electrophoresis Systems Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis Systems
The Owl™ B2 EasyCast™ mini horizontal gel system provides flexibility in a small footprint and is available with or without buffer exchange ports. The Owl™ B3 with built-in recirculation system prevents formation of pH and ionic gradients for high resolution and uniform reproducible results. The Owl™ B3 is ideal for long runs, multiple sample sets or RNA gels. It also eliminates uneven migration, band distortion or disassociation of pH dependent glycoxylated RNA molecules that can result when ionic depletion occurs. As the recirculation system is built into the buffer chamber, no external pumps, tubing or stirring bars are required.

  • Two comb slots on the UV transparent gel tray double sample capacity by doubling the number of sample wells
  • Heavy duty, one-piece combs eliminate comb assembly
  • UVT gel trays are silk screened with a fluorescent ruler for easy measurement of bands
  • Owl™ B2 available with optional buffer exchange ports for use with an external recirculation pump; the Owl™ B3 has a built-in buffer recirculation system

Accessories information: *suitable for multi-channel pipetting.

Delivery information: Each system includes buffer chamber, SuperSafe™ lid with attached power leads, gasketed UVT gel tray and two combs (12- and 20-well, double-sided, 1,0/1,5 mm thick).
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