Transilluminators and converter plates, Visi-Blue™

Supplier: UVP

UVPA38-0200-04EA 490 EUR
UVPA38-0200-04 UVPA38-0242-01 730-1020 732-4393 730-1019 732-4387
Transilluminators and converter plates, Visi-Blue™
Transilluminators Blue Light Transilluminators
Visi-Blue™ transilluminators are designed for use with SYBR® Gold, SYBR® Green, GFP and other 460 - 470 nm blue excitation samples.

  • Minimise photonicking of DNA samples
  • Amber protective cover blocks blue light transmission and allows visualisation of stained samples above 500 nm

Unit W×D×H: 337×241×121 mm (VB-26V), 486×337×143 mm (VB-40V) (height including blocking cover)

Weight: 6,8 kg (VB-26 V), 9,6 kg (VB-40 V)

Visi-Blue™ converter plates: The Visi-Blue™ converter plate is simply placed on top of a transilluminator equipped with mid-range (302 nm) UV to convert the UV to 460 to 470 nm blue light. The converter plate has a scratch resistant glass surface safety fused into a metal frame.
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