Fibronectin cell culture flasks, Corning® BioCoat™

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Corning® BioCoat™
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Fibronectin cell culture flasks, Corning® BioCoat™
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Fibronectin exists as a dimer in plasma and in multimeric form in the extracellular matrix and on cell surfaces. It promotes cell attachment, spreading, proliferation, and differentiation of many cell types, particularly fibroblasts and other mesenchymally-derived cells. Corning® BioCoat™ Fibronectin flasks are tissue culture vessels with a uniform application of human fibronectin. These flasks are manufactured in a highly controlled environment and are rigorously tested to assure product consistency and performance.

Applications include promotion of cell attachment and spreading, rapid expansion of cell populations, serum-free or reduced serum culture, cell adhesion assays, studies of the effects of fibronectin on cell behaviour, and improving survival of primary cells in culture.
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