Inverted microscopes, AE2000

Supplier: Motic

630-1371EA 92 EUR
630-1371 630-3460 630-1370 630-3459 630-1369 630-1501 630-1456 630-1368 MOTIP2S 630-1367 630-1366 MOTIP1S 630-2970 630-1364 630-1317 630-1316 MOTIP2LED MOTIP1LED
Inverted microscopes, AE2000
AE2000 inverted microscopes are designed for cell culture applications.

  • Automatic turn off after 15 m of non use
  • RoHs compliant lead-free objectives
  • Robust manufacturing with small footprint

Suitable for microbiology and clinical labs, especially for routine cell inspections.

Ordering information: Special sets including microscope, application-specific accessories and three objectives (4×, Ph 10×, LWD Ph 20×) are available as well.

Delivery information: Additionnal phase contrast objectives are also available. LED modules can be ordered separately.
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