Orthophosphoric acid ≥85.0-88.0% NF, Multi-Compendial, J.T.Baker®

Supplier: Avantor

Management of Change (MOC) category = R

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Orthophosphoric acid ≥85.0-88.0% NF, Multi-Compendial, J.T.Baker®
Orthophosphoric acid

Certifications: GMP manufactured product, meets NF requirement and EP and BP chemical specification.

Formula: H₃PO₄
MW: 98 g/mol
Boiling Pt: 320 °C (1013 hPa)
Melting Pt: 75 °C
Density: 1,69 g/cm³
MDL Number: MFCD00011340
UN: 1805
Merck Index: 13,08662

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Specification Test Results

GMP Manufactured Product
Meets E.P. Chemical Specifications
Meets B.P. Chemical Specifications
Meets N.F. Requirements
CAUTION: For Manufacturing, processing or repackaging
Bulk Pharmaceutical Chemical
NF - Identification Passes Test
NF - Nitrate (NO₃) Passes Test
NF - Phosphorous or Hypophosphorous Acid Passes Test
NF - Sulfate (SO₄) Passes Test
NF - Alkali Phosphates Passes Test
NF - Assay 85.0 - 88.0 %
EP/BP - Assay (H₃PO₄) 84.0 - 90.0 %
EP/BP - Identification A Passes Test
EP/BP - Identification B Passes Test
EP/BP - Appearance of Solution Passes Test
EP/BP - Substances Precipitated with Ammonia Passes Test
EP/BP - Phosphorous or Hypophosphorous Acid Passes Test
EP/BP - Chloride (Cl) ≤ 50 ppm
EP/BP - Sulfate (SO₄) ≤ 100 ppm
EP/BP - Iron (Fe) ≤ 50 ppm
No Class 1,2,3 or other solvents are used or produced in the
manufacturing or purification of the product.
Elemental Impurities (USP 232, EP 5.20) - Information on elemental
impurities for this product is available on the associated Product
Regulatory Data Sheet and elemental impurity profile report.

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