Filter cartridges, Sartopore® 2

Supplier: Sartorius
SARP5441558K8-BEA 655 EUR
SARP5441558K8-B SARP5441507H9-B SARP5441558K9-B SARP5442507H1 SARP5441507H8-B SARP5441558K7-B SARP5441507H7-B SART5442506G1 SART5442507H3
Filter cartridges, Sartopore® 2
Filters Filter Cartridges
Sartofluor® two filter systems are ideally suited for bioburden reduction and particle removal of highly viscous and difficult to filter pharmaceutical solutions. Due to its hydrophilic PES membrane, the filter offers outstanding total throughputs and flow rate performances. Thus ensuring highest process efficiency, minimised filtration costs and short filtration cycle times.

  • Compatible to pH-range from 1 to 14
  • Ideal to scale-up

Membrane: Hydrophilic PES; support fleece: PP; end cap, core and cage: PP; O-rings: silicone; housing: PP; filling bell: PC

Maximum differential pressure: five bar at 20 °C; two bar at 80 °C
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