Multidishes, Nunc™ UpCell™ surface

Supplier: Thermo Scientific

Nunc™ UpCell™
734-2380EA 217 EUR
734-2380 734-2379 734-2377 734-2378 734-2252
Multidishes, Nunc™ UpCell™ surface
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The UpCell™ surface is a temperature-responsive cell culture surface that enables harvesting of cells with high viability and intact surface proteins for culture passaging, single-cell analyses and cell transplantation research. The UpCell™ surface enables harvesting of cell sheets and creation of 3D tissue models held together by normal cell junctions and extracellular matrix deposited by the cells.

  • No trypsinisation - cell surface proteins are preserved
  • High cell viability without scraping
  • Releases adherent cells by reduction of temperature of the cell culture
  • Requires minimal hands-on time
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