Pipette tips

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Pipette tips
Pipette Tips
These tips are made of high quality, 100% pure, virgin medical grade PP. Made in the highest quality moulds, these tips can be used whenever the work demands a higher standard.

  • Sustainable design based on virgin resins
  • A wide seal ensures tips will seal easily and consistently without leaking
  • Guaranteed free of detectable DNA, DNase/RNase, endotoxins and heavy metals
  • Tested for endotoxin (pyrogen) contamination
  • Resins are pre-tested for metal contamination
  • Graduated tips only: Graduations allow a visual check of pipetting accuracy
  • Certificates are on file by lot number for all test results

Items (pipette tips and boxes) can be autoclaved at 122 °C for a maximum of 20 minutes at 15 psi.
Macro tips (1 to 5 and 5 to 10 ml) are supplied in composite racks (fibre carton). These racks are not autoclavable. For sterile tips, please order the sterile version.
Please note: A steam cycle should be used. Always air dry these items. Do not use a dry cycle or glassware cycle as deformation can occur to plastics that are heated for extended periods.

Tip styles:
Bevel Point: Pipette tips that feature bevelled points are designed to retain less fluid and are a good choice for a multitude of procedures.
UltraFine: Pipette tips with UltraFine™ point feature a thin flexible section at the end that is non bevelled and very flexible. This helps you dispense the last tiny amount of sample from the tip.
FlexTop: These ultimate tips feature a uniquely thin and flexible top that conforms to the pipette barrel unlike any other tips. This design allows them to mount and eject from most pipettes with forces that help eliminate the potential for repetitive strain injuries.
Wide orifice: Extra wide opening allows you to pipette macrophages or sticky DNA materials. Bevelled end helps eliminate carry-over from viscous solutions.

Packaging options:
Bulk: Tips are either supplied in resealable PE bags (1000 tips) or in one large bag inside a corrugated container (10000 tips). These packaging options are not recommended if you plan to store the tips for long periods, and if warping is a concern.

Racks (96 + 192 tips per rack): These racks, with smooth rounded edges, have heavy hook hinges that are extremely durable, and an ergonomic snap-latch that won’t catch gloves. Strong enough to be autoclaved many times. The separate rack insert includes a bevelled top and extra sturdy surface for multi-channel pipetting.

Stack racks: These high quality racks need to be assembled by the user. You simply have to insert the fully racked refills into the rack. Since the tips are never touched, you do not have to you be concerned about contamination from your hands or latex gloves. These stacks are very stable so you can pipette with a multi-channel pipette directly from the stack.

Stack rack refills: These refills are a slimmed down version of the Stack racks. Neatly packed, ready for you to refill the racks you already have.

Next Generation refills: Next Generation refill systems refill VWR and other brands of pipette tip racks. Their low carbon footprint makes them an ideal solution for waste reduction goals in the lab. Users don’t need gloves to refill tip racks - Next Generation refills racks without users having to touch the new tips. The small footprint extends to the packaging, with a reclosable box that helps maximise storage space in crowded laboratories.

Individually wrapped: Tips are individually packed in thermal-sealed PE bags. The tips have been radiation sterilised.
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