Orbital multi-platform shaker, PSU-20i

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Orbital multi-platform shaker, PSU-20i
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Powerful and efficient microprocessor-controlled, multifunctional orbital shaker with rotation, reciprocation and vibration. The shaker has a reliable direct drive system, accommodates loads up to 8 kg, and enables mixing optimisation whether in flasks, beakers, Petri dishes or other laboratory vessels. The PSU-20i is easy to operate, with simple set-up of multi-segment programs via push buttons and the 2-line LCD status display.

  • All mixing functions – orbital motion, reciprocation and vibration – can be set for continuous or timed operation (1 min to 96 h), or be linked together in different combinations to establish optimum mixing and ensure accurately repeatable conditions
  • Interchangeable platforms available including tiered platform option
  • Orbital and reciprocating speed: 20 to 250 rpm
  • Reciprocal rotation: 30 to 360° turning angle
  • Vibration: 0 to 5° turning angle, programmable in a burst of 0 to 5 seconds
  • Can be used at 4 to 40 °C, in an incubator or cold room

Ordering information: Supplied without a platform. A platform is required, a variety of accessory platforms are available including a universal platform with adjustable bars, a flat platform ideal for low profile containers, platforms with clamps for flasks and multi-tiered flat platforms.

Caution: *Note platform dimensions shown above are for the universal platform.
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