Monitor, UPC-900

Supplier: Cytiva
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Monitor, UPC-900
Electrochemical Meters pH and Multi-Parameter Meters
The monitor UPC-900 provides UV and temperature-compensated pH and conductivity parameters in a single display. Temperature is monitored and displayed and can be recorded if the monitor is used in ÄKTAdesign systems.

  • Real chromatographic information at a glance
  • Three monitors in one unit: UV, pH, and conductivity
  • Operates as an integral component of ÄKTAFPLC or as a standalone unit
  • Flow cells fit tightly in series to minimise dead volume and band-broadening effects
  • Wide range of select, high specificity UV wavelengths using a mercury or zinc lamp
  • Designed for all chromatographic techniques used in analysis and purification of biomolecules

The mercury lamp is available with 254 or 280 nm filters for detecting proteins; the zinc lamp is used with the 214 nm filter for detecting peptides or for increased protein detection sensitivity. Additional filters are available for special applications within the range of 313 to 546 nm. The 2 mm UV flow cell and the pH and conductivity flow cells are designed to accommodate flow rates up to 100 ml/min; 5 mm UV flow cell is optimised for flow rates of 20 ml/min.

The conductivity monitor features a broad dynamic range that accommodates the high salt concentrations used in hydrophobic interaction chromatography and the low conductivity of reversed phase or desalting separations. The pH monitor is essential for optimal results in affinity, ion exchange, and chromatofocusing separations.
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