Microplates, Well-Coated™

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Microplates, Well-Coated™
Microplates Immunology Microplates and Strips
Pre-coated, blocked microtitre plates for screening and rapid assays.

  • Available in clear, black or white for colorimetric, chemiluminescent and fluorescent detection systems
  • 8 well strip format, supplied in convenient 96 well holder
  • Pre-blocked to save time

Protein A, G or A/G
Binds the constant (Fc) region of immunoglobulins ensuring that the antigen binding domain of the antibody is orientated away from the plate, offering maximum exposure of the binding site.
Protein L
Binds the kappa light chains of immunoglobulins without interfering with the antigen binding site; binds to all classes of immunoglobulin, including IgG, IgM, IgA, IgE and IgD. Also binds to single chain variable fragments (scFv and Fab).
Goat α-mouse IgG antibody or α-rabbit IgG antibody
Suitable for binding assays using low quantities of antibodies or antibodies that denature on direct binding to polystyrene plates.
Biotin binding
Designed to specifically bind avidin, steptavidin or Neutravidin™ conjugated molecules, including enzyme conjugates.
Binding of 6X His tagged, expressed recombinant proteins.
Specific binding of GST tagged, expressed recombinant proteins.
Amine or sulfhydryl binding
Custom design ELISA plates and couple amine or sulfhydryl containing peptides, proteins, and compounds.
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