Nucleic acid labelling and Detection System, Amersham ECL Direct™

Supplier: Cytiva
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Nucleic acid labelling and Detection System, Amersham ECL Direct™
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ECL Direct™ nucleic acid labelling and detection systems are based on the direct labelling of DNA or RNA probes with horseradish peroxidase (HRP) in a simple 20 minute chemical reaction. The resulting probe can be used without purification. Detection is achieved by generation of light via the HRP-catalysed breakdown of luminol. Suitable for fast and easy detection of medium to high target amounts in applications such as colony/plaque screens, dot blots and PCR product analyses.

  • Consistent results combining strong signals with very low backgrounds
  • No need to strip the blot before reprobing: saves time, reduces membrane damage, and minimises exposure to hazardous chemicals
  • Less than 4 hours from probe labelling to detection in high target amount applications with no antibody steps

Delivery information: Each system includes sufficient reagents for labelling 5 to 10 µg nucleic acid and detecting 2000 to 4000 cm² of membrane (depending on product ordered): ECL™ labelling reagent, crosslinker, control DNA, blocking agent, ECL™ detection reagents, and ECL™ Gold hybridisation buffer.
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