UV transilluminators, high performance

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732-4385EA 1910 EUR
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UV transilluminators, high performance
Transilluminators UV Transilluminators
These High Performance UV transilluminators, with four 25 W tubes, provide 100 W of high intensity and uniform UV illumination for high fluorescence and sensitivity when viewing stained gels. Hi/Med/Lo intensity settings (on selected models) are for UV illumination, fluorescence viewing and photography applications. The ‘Lo' intensity setting reduces photonicking or photobleaching of gel samples during prep work, allowing for extended gel preparation time. The ‘Hi' and 'Med' intensity settings are used in analytical documentation work.

  • Stainless steel frame enables easy cleaning and reduces sample contamination
  • Brilliant back-lit fluorescence illumination is enhanced with a background uniformity screen and UVG™ long-life filter
  • Hi/Med/Lo intensity settings (on selected models) enable settings to be switched, depending on the requirements of the application
  • Powerful cooling fan maintains a low filter surface temperature to avoid sample damage, and maintains a constant UV intensity
  • Removable protective UV blocking cover is hinged and can be height adjusted to provide a suitable viewing angle or for access to the filter surface

Dual UV models are the same size and design as other High Performance models, but have single intensity and are equipped with mid-range (302 nm) and longwave (365 nm) UV in one unit.

W×D×H: 486×337×143 mm (height including clear UV blocking cover)

Weight: 9,6 kg
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