UV lamps, EL series

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UVPA95-0250-02EA 671 EUR
UVPA95-0250-02 UVPA95-0264-02 UVPA95-0276-02 UVPA95-0271-02 UVPA95-0251-02 UVPA95-0199-02 UVPA95-0198-01 UVPA95-0279-02 UVPA95-0278-02 UVPA95-0252-02 UVPA95-0198-02 UVPA95-0274-02 UVPA95-0201-02 UVPA95-0273-02 UVPA95-0270-02 UVPA95-0269-02 UVPA95-0272-02 UVPA95-0275-02 UVPA95-0200-02 UVPA95-0249-02 UVPA95-0267-02 UVPA95-0266-02 UVPA95-0248-02 UVPA95-0268-02 UVPA95-0277-02
UV lamps, EL series
Lights UV Lamps
Select from lamps with four, six or eight watts. Models available include 254 nm shortwave, 365 nm longwave, or a combination UV wavelengths, or UV and white light versions.

  • Basic configuration offers one UV and one white light tube (use white light when working with materials in a dimly-lit area)
  • Twin models have two tubes of the same wavelength
  • 2UV™ models use two different wavelengths.
  • 3UV™ model, available only in the eight watt lamp, gives three UV wavelengths in one lamp - easily switch among the three wavelengths as the application requires
  • Rugged design is excellent for high usage
  • Llamps are lightweight for easy holding or place the lamp in the stand or cabinet for hands free operation
  • Built-in reflector enhances UV illumination
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