Ready to use media plates (90 mm), irradiated

Supplier: VWR, part of Avantor

280882TIEA 89.2 EUR
280882TI 110884TIMP 110070PYMP 110884CY 111114ZI 110774ZIMP 281112TI30 131114PY 110884CYMP 111114RYMP 110802ZI 131114XI 111114TIMP 280882ZI 111114TI 281112TI 130884ZI 110884ZIMP 499270OO 285712TI 131114RY 110802ZIMP 131114TIMP 130884CY 110884ZI 281112ZI 131114PYMP 110884TI 131114RYMP 110774ZI 112230CAMP 111114ZIMP 112750ZI 130802ZI 112750ZIMP 112321TAMP 110070PY 130802ZIMP 131114TI 131114ZI 131114ZIMP 111114RY
Ready to use media plates (90 mm), irradiated
Media for Microbiology Prepared Media for Microbiology Prepared Media in Petri Dishes
Available as 90 mm plates acc. to standards. TLHTh (Tween®, lecithin, histidine, thiosulphate) are used as disinfectant neutralisers. Bags are available double- or triple-wrapped. One pack per bag displays the irradiation indicator.

  • Triple-wrapping ensures that the package itself doesn't contaminate the environment, as the first wrapper is removed just before entering a clean area
  • Available with certificate of irradiation/dosimetry
  • VHP resistance studies available for all triple-wrapped plates

Storage: 15 to 25 °C for plates 280882TI, 280882ZI, 281112TI and 281112ZI; 2 to 14 °C for all the other plates.

Packaging: The plates are packed 10 each in a plastic shrink-wrapped bag. Box contains 2 bags with a total of 20 or 6×10 plates.
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