Mesh woven filters, stainless steel, Spectra Mesh®

Supplier: Spectrum

Spectra Mesh®
SPEC145827EA 264 EUR
SPEC145827 SPEC145825 SPEC145932 SPEC145936 SPEC146439 SPEC145934 SPEC148985
Mesh woven filters, stainless steel, Spectra Mesh®
Filters Membrane Filters
These woven filters are constructed of individual strands woven into a mesh screen, characterised by precise mesh openings, percent open area and mesh thickness. Available in five material types with different physical, chemical and thermal characteristics to select from depending on your application. Available in discs or square sheets.

Water affinity: Hydrophilic
Strength/durability: Very high
Adsorption: High

Best resistance: Corrosives
pH resistance: 4 to 12

Thermal stability: up to 180 ºC
Sterilisation: Autoclavable / irradiation
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