Craft tool handles, Supa-R / Supatool

Supplier: Swann-Morton
SWAN1459EA 43.8 EUR
SWAN1459 SWAN1458
Craft tool handles, Supa-R / Supatool
Scalpels and Scalpel Assemblies Scalpel Handles
These heavy duty cast metal handles are particularly suitable for artwork, crafts, model making and other cutting edge requirements. They can be used with different types of heavy-duty blades.

Supa-R handle

- Handle can be opened by hand for blade changing
- Hand retractable blade mechanism
- Handle is available carded or sleeved

Supatool handle

- Handle can be opened with the aid of a screwdriver or small coin for blade changing
- Not retractable

Ordering information: Handles are supplied without blades (except for carded Supa-R handle). The blades are available separately in boxes of 50, or boxed in packs of 5 (50-pack units).
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