Standard transfer tank, TE42

Supplier: Hoefer
732-2132EA 1324 EUR
Standard transfer tank, TE42
Blotting Apparatus
The TE42 standard transfer tank quickly and evenly transfers proteins and nucleic acids from polyacrylamide or agarose gels onto nylon, nitrocellulose, or PVDF membranes. The four slot design of the TE42 enables either cooled or non cooled protein or nucleic acid transfers. The optional heat exchange module is easily incorporated into the TE42 enabling transfer of up to two gels simultaneously. When used without the optional heat exchange module, up to four gels can be transferred at one time.

  • Uniform and strong electric field supports efficient and even transfers
  • Colour coded, easy to assemble cassettes ensure proper orientation during transfer
  • Superior tank design allows the cassettes to apply equal pressure across the stack preventing gel distortion
  • Optional heat exchanger provides excellent buffer temperature control when used with an external cooling water bath

Delivery information: Each system includes lower chamber, safety lid with high voltage leads, 2× electrode panels, 2× cassettes, 2× foam sponges (6 mm thick), 4× foam sponges (3 mm thick), cassette hook, and 25× blotting paper sheets (14,5×21,5 cm).
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