Transfer tank, TE22 Mighty Small™

Supplier: Hoefer
732-2123EA 1369 EUR
Transfer tank, TE22 Mighty Small™
Blotting Apparatus
The TE22 Mighty Small™ transfer tank is designed to quickly and efficiently transfers proteins and nucleic acids from small gels to nylon, nitrocellulose or PVDF membranes.

  • Maximum gel size 9×10 cm
  • Transfers as many as four small gels in less than an hour
  • Built-in alumina-covered cooling channel provides excellent temperature control with no more than a 5 °C temperature increase during a typical run
  • Superior tank design allows the cassettes to apply equal pressure across the stack, preventing gel distortion
  • Colour coded cassettes are easy to load and handle, ensuring proper orientation during transfer
  • Uniform and strong electric field supports efficient and even transfers

Delivery information: Each system includes lower chamber with heat exchanger, safety lid with high voltage leads, 2× electrode panels, 4× cassettes, 4× foam sponges (6 mm thick), 8× foam sponges (3 mm thick), cassette hook, and 25× blotting paper sheets (9×10,5 cm).
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