Semi-dry transfer unit, TE77X

Supplier: Hoefer
732-2148EA 1628 EUR
Semi-dry transfer unit, TE77X
Blotting Apparatus
The TE77X Semi-Dry Transfer Unit uses minimal buffer to transfer proteins from polyacrylamide gels in less than an hour. The units support as many as two layers of gels being transferred simultaneously.

  • Included safety circuit breaker limits voltage and current from the users power supply, preventing electrical damage to the transfer unit
  • Requires minimal current so does not generate the excessive heat that can dry out the transfer stack and halt transfer or damage transfer units
  • Durable iridium oxide and stainless steel electrodes allow for contamination-free, consistent transfer
  • Vented electrodes prevent build-up of bubbles which may impair transfer
  • Minimal buffer requirements reduce reagent cost and preparation time

Delivery information: Both units include moulded base with platinum coated titanium anode and high voltage leads, hinged lid with stainless steel cathode, and 50× porous cellophane sheets (20×35,5 cm). In addition, TE70X includes 25× blotting paper sheets (14×16 cm) and 2× Mylar® masks (16,5×18,5 cm). TE77X includes 25× blotting paper sheets (21×26 cm) and 2× Mylar® masks (23×27,5 cm).
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