Robotic tips, Axygen®, for Microlab® STAR™ Line and NIMBUS®

Supplier: Corning

AXYGHT300CBKHTR5 AXYGHT10CBKHTRS5 731-0419 AXYGHT10CHTRS5 731-0416 AXYGHT300CHTRS5 731-0417 731-0418 731-0422 AXYGHT1000CBKHTRS5 731-0423 731-0424 731-0425 731-0420 731-0421 AXYGHT300CHTR5 AXYGHT10CHTR5 AXYGHT1000CHTR5 731-0426 AXYGHT10CBKHTR5 731-0427 731-0428 613-3138 AXYGHT1000CHTRS5 AXYGHT50CBKHTR5 AXYGHT1000CBKHTR5 AXYGHT50CHTR5 AXYGHT50CBKHTRS5 AXYGHT300CBKHTRS5
Robotic tips, Axygen®, for Microlab® STAR™ Line and NIMBUS®
Pipette Tips
These 96-well format liquid level sensing automation tips made of clear or conductive black PP are compatible with Hamilton Microlab® STAR™ Line and NIMBUS®. They are offered in two rack formats: hanging and nested 4 stack.

  • RNase-/DNase-free, non pyrogenic
  • With or without aerosol-resistant filters
  • Black tips are conductive
  • Manufactured to stringent specifications under strict process controls
  • Assembled via automation to ensure consistent performance and quality
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