Solid phase extraction cartridges, Bond Elut™ Certify

Supplier: Agilent Technologies
Bond Elut™
VARI14102081TEA 174 EUR
VARI14102081T VARI75509050 VARI12113054 VARI14102083 551-0326 VARI52102081 VARI12256146 VARI12102081T 551-0351 551-0433 VARI14102085 VARI14113055 VARI52113051 VARI12102082 VARI12102145 VARI12102081 VARI52113050 VARI12102085 VARI12256145 VARI12256146TJ VARI14113054 551-0350 551-0432 VARI52102051 VARI7550901C VARI14102051 VARI14113052 VARI12102051T VARI12105030 VARI75509025 VARI14102093 VARI12102093 VARI14113050
Solid phase extraction cartridges, Bond Elut™ Certify
Chromatography Columns
The Bond Elut™ Certify extraction cartridge utilises a packed bed consisting of a special, non-polar C8 sorbent and a strong cation exchanger (SCX). Certify is most commonly used to extract basic (cationic) drugs from urine and blood, but it is also very effective for extraction of a wide range of compounds from a diverse range of aqueous matrices.

  • Special mixed mode sorbent bed
  • Broad application range for aqueous extraction
  • Bimodal, non-polar and strong cation exchange
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