Solid phase extraction cartridges, Bond Elut™ SAX

Supplier: Agilent Technologies
Bond Elut™
549-0828EA 428 EUR
549-0828 VARI12113017 549-0805 549-0875 551-0385 551-0311 549-0859 549-0804 551-0379 549-0854 549-0868 VARI7550801C 549-0780 549-0843 VARI14113043 VARI75508025 549-0794 549-0874 549-0781 549-0864 549-0823 549-0848 549-0777 549-0778 549-0793 549-0826 551-0348 549-0824 549-0832
Solid phase extraction cartridges, Bond Elut™ SAX
Chromatography Columns
Bond Elut™ SAX is a strong anion exchange sorbent ideally suited for the extraction of compounds such as carboxylic acids, which may not retain effectively on weak anion exchange sorbents. The sorbent is supplied in the chloride counter ion form. You can modify the selectivity of the phase by replacing the chloride ion with other anions, such as acetate and hydroxide.

  • Retains compounds that elute from weak anion exchange sorbents
  • Selectivity can be user-modified for increased flexibility
  • Minimal non-polar interactions
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