Solid phase extraction cartridges, Bond Elut™ SI

Supplier: Agilent Technologies
Bond Elut™
549-0803EA 188 EUR
549-0803 549-0846 HEWL12256008B VARI14113010 551-0382 549-0866 551-0346 VARI12113010 549-0851 549-0841 549-0861 549-0856 551-0306 551-0321 549-0870 549-0789 551-0407 551-0375
Solid phase extraction cartridges, Bond Elut™ SI
Chromatography Columns
Native silica is generally regarded as the most polar SPE sorbent available. Bond Elut™ SI is particularly effective at separating compounds with a very similar structure. Applying the analytes in a non-polar solvent, then increasing the solvent polarity by increasing the concentration of a polar modifier, such as THF or ethyl acetate, delivers effective separations.

  • Highly polar phase retains polar molecules from non-polar matrices
  • High purity silica
  • Separate compounds with very similar structures
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