CEP coated capillaries

Supplier: Agilent Technologies
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CEP coated capillaries
Electrophoresis Systems Capillary Electrophoresis Systems
CEP coated capillaries contain a permanently bonded polymer coating. This CEP coating shields the silanol functionality of the capillary surface and helps prevent sample adsorption. Additionally, EOF is nearly eliminated, making the capillary ideal for applications such as DNA separations with sieving polymer buffers.

Elimination of EOF also simplifies analysis of anions and organic acids by direct UV detection. Without EOF reduction, highly mobile ions such as nitrate can migrate in the opposite direction to the slower, longer chain acids.

The CEP coated capillary is stable from pH 2 to 8. It can be used with borate buffers, offering a different surface functionality to help alleviate sample adsorption. Each batch of CEP coated capillaries is rigidly tested by Agilent Technologies and each capillary includes a representative electropherogram to assure quality.
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