Fused silica tubing

Supplier: Agilent Technologies
HEWL160-2325-10EA 147 EUR
HEWL160-2325-10 HEWLCP801806 HEWL160-2200-5 HEWLCP805330 HEWL160-2325-5 HEWL160-2530-10 HEWL160-2320-5 VARICP8016 HEWL160-2255-30 HEWLCP805310 HEWL160-2535-1 HEWL160-2455-5 HEWLCP805305 HEWL160-2635-10 HEWL160-2325-1 HEWL160-2655-5 HEWL160-1010-10 HEWL160-2634-10 VARICP68186 VARICP8003 HEWL160-2615-10 HEWLCP802505 HEWL160-2635-1 HEWL160-2615-5 HEWL160-2205-1 HEWLCP803210 HEWL160-2815-5 HEWL160-2625-1 HEWL160-2530-5 HEWL160-2255-1 HEWL160-1010-1 HEWL160-2625-5 HEWL160-2625-10 HEWL160-2205-5 HEWL160-2610-10 HEWL160-2855-10 HEWL160-2615-1 HEWL160-2865-5 HEWL160-2635-5 HEWL19091-60620E HEWL160-2845-10 HEWL160-2865-10 HEWL160-1010-5 HEWLCP802530 HEWLCP801810 HEWL160-2255-10 HEWLCP802510 HEWL160-2255-5 HEWL160-2825-5 VARICP68187 HEWL160-2535-10 HEWL160-2250-5 HEWL160-2655-10 HEWLCP801505 HEWL160-2250-10 HEWL19091-21050 HEWLCP801206 HEWL160-2610-5 HEWLCP803205 HEWL160-2855-5 HEWLCP801805 HEWL160-4535-5 HEWL160-2845-5 HEWL160-2644-10 HEWL160-2325-30 HEWL160-2320-10 HEWL160-2634-5 HEWL160-2535-30 HEWL160-2455-10 HEWL160-2535-5 HEWLCP805306 HEWL160-2205-10 HEWL160-2455-1 HEWL160-2200-10 HEWL160-2650-10 HEWL160-2655-1 HEWLCP801510
Fused silica tubing
Tubing HPLC Tubing
Deactivated or undeactivated fused silica tubing.

Deactivated tubing can be used as retention gaps, guard columns or transfer lines. The standard deactivation process is a phenyl methyl deactivation. - the preferred choice for most applications due to its inertness and robustness.

Undeactivated tubing or bar fused silica is commonly used for capillary electrophoresis. It can also be used for transfer lines and other applications where inertness is not critical.
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