Capillary columns, PERMABOND® FFAP

MANA723181.10EA 313 EUR
MANA723181.10 MANA723936.50 MANA723116.60 MANA723555.50 MANA723341.50 MANA723116.50 MANA723830.50 MANA723344.10 MANA723341.25 MANA723180.20 MANA723344.50 MANA723116.25 MANA723356.50 MANA723344.60 MANA723116.10 MANA723344.30 MANA723116.30 MANA723830.10 MANA723356.25 MANA723344.25 MANA723341.30 MANA723830.25 MANA723180.10 MANA723341.60 MANA723936.25 MANA723555.10 MANA723555.25
Capillary columns, PERMABOND® FFAP
Chromatography Columns
Polar GC phase.

  • Recommended for fatty acid methyl esters (FAMEs) and free carboxylic acids
  • Maximum temperature for isothermal operation 220 °C (0,53 mm Int.Ø columns: 200 °C)
  • Maximum temperature for short isotherms in a temperature program 240 °C (0,53 mm Int.Ø columns: 220 °C)

Polyethylene glycol 2-nitroterephthalate phase.

USP code: close equivalent to G25 / G35.
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