UHPLC systems, ChromasterUltra Rs

Supplier: Hitachi
ChromasterUltra Rs
903-0400EA 60570 EUR
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UHPLC systems, ChromasterUltra Rs
Chromatography Systems Complete HPLC Systems
The ChromasterUltra Rs is the result of many years of research, development and experience, leading to the introduction of one of the most advanced, robust and easy to use UHPLC system available on the market today. Hitachi-High Technologies is a world leader in fluid control and optical analysis technology, as well as in high performance electronics. Hitachi has focused on combining the knowledge of these three key disciplines to give the world of chromatography one of the best instruments for today's demands. To arrange a demonstration with one of our experts, please email chromatography@eu.vwr.com.

  • Very high pressure rating (1400 bar) for high resolution columns
  • High pressure gradient with integrated solvent selector (2×2)
  • Integrated degasser and washing pump
  • Extremely sensitive DAD with capillary flow cell technology
  • Very low noise and high resolution detectors
  • Adaptable cooled autosampler for maximised flexibility
  • Big column oven with optional six-column selector
  • Integrated waste tank and solvent organiser

For the ChromasterUltra Rs UHPLC system there are many different chromatography software packes available, e.g. Hitachi Chromaster Ultra System Manager, Waters Empower 3 and Agilent Openlab EZChrom Edition.

ChromasterUltra Rs UHPLC 6170 pump
Pumping system: High pressure binary gradient solution. With Liquid Beat Technology for maintaining a highly stable gradient
Maximum pressure: 1400 bar (140 MPa)
Mixer: 55 µl double cork mixer for optimal gradient performance. (Two mixers included as standard)
Solvent treatment: Degassing unit for 6 solvents. Solvent selector for 4 solvents (Two per pump)

ChromasterUltra Rs UHPLC 6270 autosampler
Injection volume range: 0,1 to 500 µl (dependent upon loop installed)
Carry-over: <0,001%
Sample capacity: 120 x 1,5 ml vials (other optional sample trays available)
Heating/Cooling: 1 - 45 °C (Peltier block)

ChromasterUltra Rs 6310 UHPLC peltier column oven
Temperature range: 4 - 90 °C
Capacity: 3×300 mm columns without MEM fitting, 3×250 mm columns with MEM fitting
Column coupling: MEM column fitting – near zero dead volume column connection suitable for all column manufacturers

ChromasterUltra Rs 6430 diode array detector
Wavelength range: 190 - 650 nm (D2 Lamp with Hg lamp for wavelength check)
Flow cell: Total reflection capillary 10 mm flow cell. 2,2 µl volume (Optional 65 mm flow cell: 14 µl volume)
Noise: ≤0,5 x 10-5 AU/hr (4 nm slit width, response time = 2 sec at 250 nm with 0,5 ml/min MeOH)
Absorbance linearity: 2,0 AU (5%) at 250 nm

ChromasterUltra Rs 6420 UV-VIS detector
Wavelength range: 190 - 900 nm (D2&W lamps with Hg lamp for wavelength check)
Flow cell: Standard flow cell with 5 mm optical path, 3,5 µl
Noise: <0,5 x 10-5 AU/hr
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